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Service Before Self


In today's world many social issues are being given adequate platforms to be addressed and resolved in the most peaceful manner and one such platform is social welfare groups and one of these is Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind (SEWAM).

Mahatama Gandhi once said that "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" , so it's our responsibility to look after the animals and underprivileged . 7th may 2016 - SEWAM Organised ornithology camp at Badhkal lake . Team SEWAM studied 25 species of birds including the rare cormorants and grey hornbills.Team also forwarded the matter to conserve the badhkal lake and the surrounding areas to the Environment and forestry ministry. 5th June 2016 - SEWAM participated in the chipko movement organised by the SAVE ARAVALLI organisation with a motive to create awareness among people towards the Aravalli ecosystem and it's alarming depletion . 29th July 2016 - SEWAM participated in the Tiger Day event at Rajpath, New Delhi , organised by WWF and Wildlife Trust of India. Event was also attended by Mr.Anil Dave , union cabinet minister , ministry of Environment ,forestry and climate change. The importance of tigers and the need to conserve them were some of the matters which were discussed upon. Also a tiger march was organised.

12 August 2016 - World Elephant Day was celebrated at the school. A session was conducted in which students were sensitized towards elephants, our heritage animal and were told about their characteristics and their lifestyle in forests . Issue of elephant slavery was raised by seeking help from Voice for Asian Elephants Society and a march for elephants was also organised.

Oct - Nov : carnival Navsrijan .. SEWAM continued its aim to sensitize students towards animals . The students were assigned animals to research upon and to do a role play on them portraying the various hardships they are going through. Poster Making and Slogan Making activity were also organised. A play named to conserve the Aravalli Range stretching across Delhi,Gurugram and Faridabad.

Plant adoption drive was another amazing and well appreciated initiative by team SEWAM where over 700 saplings of plants like neem, tulsi, jamun, imli, Ashoka and lillies were distributed among the guests and parents . Anti cracker mission : SEWAM Organised this mission again to make the kids aware of the problems which homeless animals have to face during Diwali due to the loud noise. Kids also pledged to celebrate a noise and pollution free Diwali to conserve the Environment and all its life forms .

PROJECT RAAHAT - Every year during winters orphans and animals have to bear the brunt of the season as they don't have much clothes to comfort themselves . SEWAM this year collected about 650-700 kg of material like medicines , dog food, clothes, blankets, utensils, books, stationary and newspapers. The Team visited the orphanage and the Animal shelter to distribute these among the needy and the speechless . SEWAM also gained many recognitions and supporters.. international organisations like PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) , Voice for asian elephants Society ,Global march for elephants and rhinos , Jane Goodall Institute gave us their relentless support . Local organisations which support SEWAM and recognise it as their partners include Voiceless india, People for Animals Trust and Save Aravali. SEWAM DPS FBD visited AASTHA SHELTER HOME run by PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS TRUST FARIDABAD on Saturday march 25,2017 . 7 student activists along with two teachers, Ms.Gauri Mendiratta and Ms.Puneet Bathla spent time with the animals in distress .. ramu the monkey ,Jane the donkey, numerous cows , the puppies and dogs who were too hungry for love . The young activists fed the animals , gifted them some useful items ,most importantly gave them their time and established a lifelong bond # feelforthem #our aim lending voice to the voiceless . Elevating the hearts laden with agonies of separation and isolation. ... Team SEWAM returned back with countless blessings and iron determination.... that we would never allow our parents to undergo such mental torture,even if we have to sacrifice a lot of resources, time and comfort. # lasting impression on our minds# visit to home for aged # spreading smiles 😊on May 05 ,2017 .

SEWAM takes an initiative to afforest a waste catagory patch of land present adjacent to the dividing road of sectors 14,15,16,17 . This particular patch of land plays a key role to decrease pollution in the city as it is in the center point of all the four densely populated sectors.. with the increase in population in these sectors the number of personal vehicles has also increased and here in these sectors one family owns two or more cars so if we calculate and think about the pollution caused especially by these sectors.. It is the maximum after ballabhgarh area in the city of Faridabad. PM 2.5 amounts are too high making the situations very bad for the humans there as well numerous birds,squirrels and homeless monkeys living there. so SEWAM with the partnership of FOREST DEPARTMENT Faridabad would like to take this 1100-1500 sq yard land as a pilot project for urban forest development so that some improvement is there in the air quality as well as in the green cover. On this land, plantation would be done by june end or in the first week of july once the weather gets alright, also selective plantation would be done in this area that is a variety of species would be chosen which shed their leaves in different time of the year making it evergreen land and also it would be having local fruit bearing trees so that homeless stray monkeys and birds like pigeons,hornbills and barbets can feed on them. With the help of HARYANA URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (HUDA) and MCF a tubewell as well as a pump has been established there so that regular watering is there and a small water pond is created where street dogs and other animals can lie down during scorching summer season. The program would be continued too after the plantation day is over, volunteers would be assigned saturday watering duties turnwise so that young kids learn a sense of responsibility along with a feeling of saving the environment. As far as security of the trees is concerned SEWAM ACTIVISTS & RANGE OFFICERS from the forest department would be making regular visits to stop any kind of activity which maybe harmful for the trees and also a tree ambulance would be contacted when needed which is currently being run by NDMC in New Delhi region. Like this SEWAM DPS FARIDABAD would be responsible for making the only and one of its kind a mini hub of wildlife and greenery which people can call '' Faridabad's urban jungle,,'' Team SEWAM,DPS Faridabad met the deputy mayor , Mr. Mammogram Garg in his office to discuss the afforestation project that we all here at SEWAM wish to take up to convert waste lands in and around residential areas of Faridabad into biodiversity hubs. Mr.Manmohan Garg appreciated the effort of the students and promised to support the team in it's endeavors. The afforestation project would be carried out in alliance with People for Animals Trust , Faridabad and the MCF as well as with Forest Department Faridabad. To begin with we would like to start with the waste land adjacent to the crossing juncture of sectors 14,15,16,17. With the increase in population in these sectors the number of personal vehicles has also increased that keep on adding pollutants and harmful radiations in the air. It is in fact most polluted after ballabhgarh area in the city of Faridabad. The team would like to take this 1100-1500 sq yard as a pilot project so that some improvement is brought in the quality of air. Selective plantation would be done in this area so that it remains green throughout the year and provides food and shelter to various species of birds and animals . The volunteers would also look after the maintenance of the area so that our young activists imbibe in themselves a sense of responsibility along with a feeling of saving the environment. As far as safety of the trees is concerned SEWAM activists and range officers from the Forest Department would be making regular visits to stop any kind of activity which maybe harmful for the trees. To sum up SEWAM DPS FARIDABAD would be responsible for making this biodiversity hub in this area of city and make more such areas in future.